Business intelligence

Odoo offers a panel of statistics on all the data you need, offering you an easy and convenient way to consult all those important data through comparisons and over time. You can create detailed reports and graphs in the format you need with a few simple clicks, since there is no need to have any specialized program in this type of information.


Do you use specialized software to manage your e-commerce or other type of business? Odoo has a perfect integration system, so you can enjoy the use of both without having to give up anything. The API integration system offers you the possibility of connecting your current software with our applications in a simple and easy way. This system also allows you to transfer information easily and quickly.

Open Source ERP Odoo

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with employees and colleagues or implement a tool that allows them to communicate internally with each other. Odoo’s real-time messaging allows users to chat with each other whenever necessary. In addition, it allows to find other users easily and to take several chats simultaneously within the internal network.


The gamification application offers simple and creative ways to motivate and evaluate your employees in the workplace by giving tools that challenge employees to achieve specific objectives. Goals are assigned through challenges to evaluate and compare team members with each other or according to a period of time. You can create a template from various examples and choose any form for the challenge, based on the needs of your company – such as the number of new potential customers, total amount billed for a week, month or any other time frame based on your management preferences.


Organize your time to be more efficient with reminder notes and work lists. From personal tasks to meetings with other team members or clients, this tool helps you improve your productivity and that of your employees, offering them the necessary tools to be able to prioritize and organize their tasks, share their ideas and collaborate or share different documents.

Discussion groups

This app allows you to create groups of internal and mailing lists on various topics for any department of your company. It is a simple and easy way to send internal emails. In addition, the system also offers a great software for the management of mailing lists that in a simple way allows to keep all the employees in the circuit and informed about what is happening. In addition, these discussion groups allow you to create specific groups for specific projects and even create public mailing lists that can be shared for easier and faster work.