Project management

Organize your projects in each of their processes. With Odoo you can work on each task using the Kanban view, program them on the Gantt and track the deadlines with the calendar. The opening of the software provides a great variety of tools that can be integrated in your system, so that the work is optimized in a simple and professional way.

Open Source CRM Odoo
  • With the help of Odoo, managing projects is much easier:
  • Instant conversations
  • A built-in pad for each task
  • Integration with contracts and customer information
  • Technical support, help, problem solver, etc.


An elegant and functional system, our accounting software works for companies of any size. OpenERP Accounting offers an optimal service so that your accounting team can work with clients and suppliers. The accounting application also allows you to share access to your most recent business figures with your team and your accountants so that everyone is up to date with all the new information and changes whether in the workplace, home or on the street. .


The billing application allows you to create and send invoices, and receive payments online. The system is integrated directly with the project management application to automatically bill customers based on their activities and timesheets.