What is e-commerce and what types are there?

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May 19, 2017
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What is e-commerce and what types are there?

Surely more than once you have visited and / or bought in an online store. Increasingly, it is possible to get virtually anything online in stores of all kinds worldwide, but do you know the possibilities it has for your business? Do you know what types of e-commerce are there?

There are many questions that arise when a business wants to start its journey on the internet (whether it has a physical store or not). Therefore, today we explain some basic concepts so that nothing will catch you unawares.
E-commerce is a fairly easy concept to define in the modern world. This is any purchase or sale transaction made over the Internet, whatever the means of payment.

The most common and most commonly used modality is B2C (business to consumer or business to consumer), which focuses on the product or service that a company offers to a consumer. But are they all the same?
In the B2C e-commerce world we can find several business models:

E-commerce group sales

Group sales are portals that exclusively publish offers with significant discounts for a limited time. They also tend to change daily and the offers that are not focused on a single field. They play with a great deal of different businesses at national and local level: beauty products or services, repairs, clothing and accessories, etc. Some examples of these group sales are Groupalia, Groupon, or Let’s Bonus.
Its operation is based on an attractive and limited offer over time, whose discount usually exceeds 50% of the official price.
To formalize the purchase must cover a minimum of buyers within the established period, hence the importance of the viralization of these channels and their offers in social media to be effective.


Online outlet stores are portals dedicated to selling products of known brands that have been discontinued or are out of season at a lower price than the official one. Normally it focuses on the fashion and beauty sectors, but it can be aimed at any type of product. A couple of examples of this type of e-commerce are Privalia and Vente-privee.com.

Online intermediaries

They are portals or search engines that act as intermediaries between other e-commerce and consumers through the Internet, such as Kelkoo or Google Shopping.

Basic E-commerce or online stores

Online stores are portals of the companies that sell their products online directly to the consumer without intermediaries. Example: the English Court or Zalando.

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