We have extensive experience in building brands and establishing effective conversion channels

We offer an integral service in marketing, commercial support and communication, essential factors for the success of any company or professional. A specialized team to manage your brand and market your services or products.


Corporate communication is an essential tool that companies and brands must use with skill to project what they are, what they do and what are core objectives? Its important to understand how to position yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition. At FHS we have a team  of experts who provide you with maximum professionalism to manage your corporate communications on regular basis.

Customer Orientation

The total orientation towards the client and towards the market becomes the key, not only to guarantee success, but even to the very survival of many companies. To do this, customers should always be at the center of all business policies & processes.

New attitudes, new habits and new opportunities.

Mass advertising with unitary messages no longer exist, now there is
what to look for and understand the moments in which our brand can
get in touch and be invited.

There has been a qualitative leap in marketing, has gone from talking from the brand to do it more and more from the consumer. Marketing has focused on insights, on the intimate motivations of people. Now the messages are more emotional, first by the process of exponential fragmentation of the media, second by the emergence of new technologies and third by the different way to relate to today’s new brands.

The solution is to identify the moments in which the consumer will actively accept the message of a brand. Generate expectations.


It evolves. New technologies and marketing have changed to adapt to the new reality.

Young people consume less and less television, while browsing more online, chat and interact through social networks. Forties who consult the Smart phone, tablets, people who consult the digital newspaper on the Ipad. People run through the park while listening to news podcasts that have been downloaded, sponsored by a brand. We exchanged photos on Facebook with old school friends, we walked along the street and took a photo to upload it on Flickr, or we recorded a video with the phone and hung it on Youtube.