A powerful and flexible solution

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a marketing automation application that helps convert potential customers into business relationships. The application is easy to use, works perfectly with Dynamics 365 for Sales and has built-in business intelligence. You can use Dynamics 365 for Marketing to:

Create graphical email messages and online content to support different marketing initiatives

Customizable templates for emails and home pages help amplify your digital voice. Intuitive drag-and-drop design tools simplify the creation of content, from personalization of the message to the configuration of the scoring of potential clients.

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Take advantage of LinkedIn’s business prospects

Quickly identify the right audiences and connect with them through LinkedIn by importing leads generated directly with the top LinkedIn tools in Dynamics 365.

Design interactive customer trips to nurture potential customers with personalized experiences

Use the drop designer to create an automated, multi-channel campaign that sends personalized emails, generates follow-up activities, initiates workflows, and much more. Each contact in the target group moves through a personalized path that reacts to their interactions and identifies their best perspectives. Track campaigns and analyze results to build profitable long-term relationships.

Configure and expand the application

Customize the application to fit your specific business needs. Make basic customizations by using tools built right into the app. Expand its capabilities and add new features by installing third-party packages from our thriving marketplace-Microsoft AppSource. And it’s easy to connect with Dynamics 365 partners to get expert help. The Marketing app is built on the same platform and database as the sales app, so both teams share the same records, and customizers can leverage their existing knowledge when adding custom features.

Share information between teams

Share secure information about potential customers and contacts throughout your company, understanding how each interaction affects your results. It connects sales and marketing processes to automate follow-ups and track the progress of each potential customer.

Get to know your potential customers better

Develop a deeper understanding of your market with a 360 degree view of each potential customer. Connected processes and a single source of information ensure that both sales and marketing have the most recent data, including key contacts, recent activities, previous purchases and open opportunities.

Organize and publicize events

Keep all the information about the venues of your event, logistics, tickets, sessions, speakers, sponsors and more in one place so that all your team can coordinate while working on them.
It generates an online event portal where attendees can review the event information and register online. Integrate your events in your emails to help spread the word.

Analyze and document the return on your investment in Marketing

Use dashboards and reports to track the performance of your marketing initiatives and identify your best sources of leads and marketing activities.
Gather sales and marketing results to track and increase your impact on your business.

Use the results of the find for your own benefit

Easy-to-create surveys make it easy to gather practical comments from clients. It understands the needs and individual expectations of customers to develop relationships and new revenues.

Prioritize leads for better results

Set automatic lead scoring rules that automatically identify your most popular leads based on how they interact with your events and your customers’ journals.

As soon as a potential customer meets an agreed sales score, the system automatically routes it to a seller to track while the potential customer is still active. Route more promising sales leads when they reach an appropriate sales rating.

Configure and develop the application

Customize the application to fit the specific needs of your business through the integrated tools.

Expand your capabilities and add new features by installing third-party packages from our thriving marketplace: Microsoft AppSource.

It’s easy to connect with Dynamics 365 partners for expert help. The Marketing application is based on the same platform and database as the sales application, so both teams share the same records, and customizers can take advantage of their existing knowledge by adding custom functions.