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¿Por qué una web necesita un certificado SSL?

SSL certificates are protocols that are used on the Internet for security. This means that a Secure Socket Layer (which is what the acronym stands for SSL) acts as an identity card to ensure the user that the page you are using comes from the server that says, so it is always a secure connection . SSL certificates can be used by any company or developer that operates online and can be used with any of the protocols (HTTP, FTP, etc). In summary, these certificates are those that assure you and all users of your website or online store that your connections, data and payments are absolutely safe.

Why is it important for a website to have the SSL certificate? </ strong>
To begin with, not having an SSL security certificate can mean that your clients do not reach your website. This is because when a connection is not secure, browsers warn you with flashy messages that nobody likes. Perhaps you make a great effort in marketing campaigns as well as online campaigns of all kinds that will be truncated by the following warnings that users will receive on their computer.

Therefore, and especially if you are going to deal with data or with economic exchanges of any kind on your website, it is very important to have your security certificate that accredits you and your server. To know if a website has an SSL certificate and to know that it is safe, we only have to look in the left corner of our browser next to the browser bar, where we will see a padlock and an HTTPS type prefix in green. In this way, if we click on it we will get all the necessary information to be sure that our website is 100% reliable.

If you need a certificate of this type and do not know how to manage it, what is its cost or more information about why you need it, get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will help you. In Fairhall we have managed many certificates, that’s why our clients and their clients are calm and they know that they can carry out all their operations in a completely safe way: what are you waiting for?

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