Nearshore Outsource Software Development Company in Spain

FHS expertise lies is meeting out critical process integration using most suitable technological solutions for organizations worldwide. With more than 17 years of experience in IT sector, we are able to devise technical strategies for any sort of operational complexities faced by our client.

Our development team is abreast with all varied industry experience and capable of curating technical solutions as per respective clients’ requirements.

Our wide range of gobally accepted standards of processes and flexible commercial models allow us to offer effective Value-Oriented-Solutions to our clients across the globe.

Why select Spain as Nearshore Outsourcing destination

Spain is emerging as a new, cost-effective and yet highly knowledgeable centre for skilled IT sector resources.

Spain has competitive advantages in the field of nearshore outsourcing, and has become a strategic platform for both Europe and Africa.

Statistics clearly establish the fast that as opposed to Offshore Outsourcing, Spain has a wide-range of advantages and favorable conditions for the development of Nearshore Activities, and will continue to grow in the business of outsourcing information technology services

Few core benefits of selecting Spain as Nearshore Outsourcing destination:

  • Finding an overseas outsource provider close to home, within easy traveling distances
  • Spain has similar time zone as to other European countries
  • Availability of educated workforce having specialized education and experiences
  • Fast-growing high level talent pool within the software and technology sector
  • A perfect combination of high quality work outputs and cost-effectiveness
  • A low-risk destination which offers cultural proximity too

Types of working models offered

Fixed cost development Model

For projects with pre-defined scope of work and timelines this model assures great peace of mind for clients. This type of model is best suited for projects where the scope does not change too much from initial specifications/requirements.

Hourly Time and Material (T&M) Model

This model is best suitable for projects where requirements cannot be accurately estimated. Or nature of the project is not well defined which results in changing of expertise requirements and hence dedicated resources are not viable. Under this model we charge client for actual time and efforts spent for execution of project. Best suited for small-to-mid sized projects.

Dedicated Resource/Team Hiring Model

In Dedicated Resource/ Team Model, a team of developers along with a project manager(full/part time) is designated to work exclusively for a client. This model is best suitable for having a long term working relationship with client where the scope is open-ended and we get renumerated on monthly basis for the allocated resources.