Fairhall’s online reputation management service can protect your image and establish, by constantly monitoring what is said about you at all levels online by users and, more importantly, competitors. Our online reputation management focuses on protecting your brand in search engines, reviewing your constant reputation and consulting.

Online reputation is very important for your business

  • Your brand or business is susceptible to an attack at any time for any reason
  • Your website, blog, forum or any other online site may be tarnished or damaged
  • A single campaign of a negative nature, even without validation, can spoil and blacken the reputation and integrity of your brand or product, which has cost you so much time and effort to build.
  • A small negative video on YouTube can hurt your benefits in both the short and long term.
  • A rumor on the Internet can damage your image irreparably.
  • Identifying the sources of negative comments and their consequent neutralization.
  • Defending the integrity of your brand and reducing the visibility of those negative comments, highlighting the positive ones.
  • Reduce negative public relations by increasing positive ones
  • Move your positive search results to higher positions and minimize the negatives on the first page of the search engines
  • Creating comments and positive reviews of your company
  • Maintain your brand image with a proactive approach
  • Regular monitoring of network sites and other Internet platforms where your target audience lives